Our Mission

We defend your rights to a fast and open internet

The American Broadband Association is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization dedicated to helping support and defend the public's rights to fast and open internet. Internet access is a fundamental right. You should have access to data without the limitations of predatory corporate internet providers.

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Advertising Honesty

Ads from internet service providers (ISP) today are a collection of misleading half-truths and at times, blatant falsehoods, that misrepesent what you will receive in service. We shed light on the abuses of this rampant and predatory industry. Recent events have shed light on the abominable industry practices that are anything but isolated incidents.

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10G Internet

These days the term 'broadband' has come to mean almost any speed, no matter how slow. Our tenth generation (10G) internet standard sets a bar that allows every citizen to fully realize their first amendment rights in the modern age. Symmetrical speeds of at least 100/MBs for both uploading and downloading content without restrictions such as throttling, censorship and usage caps.

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Single Issue Dedication

There are a lot of important issues in the world today but we believe strongly in the adage Do one thing and do it well. Our resources will always be dedicated only to a single goal, fast and open internet for all americans. Everyone agrees this is the right thing but powerful forces want to keep their monopolies and monopoly profits to every citizen's detriment.

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The communications industry has been largely unopposed in promoting it's self serving interest from the federal level down to the municipal. The ABA is an eloquent and effective counterweight to make sure the interest of citizens are represented and that there are electoral consequences to ignoring american voices.

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Did you know that almost all communications issue are rooted in activities and legislation at the local level of your town or city? The ABA diligently researchs and monitors actions that will impact our mission and keeps are members informed and give you the tools you need to have an impact.

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Grass Roots

One of the most powerful tools we have in furthering our mission is dedicated members who are willing to coordinate resources and awareness activities at the very local level be it in your workplace, larger community or other civic activities. From whitepapers, news and person to person education we can educate you on the steps and potential roadblocks to enable very high speed internet in your community.

Be heard on internet issues from speed and performance to internet discrimination and fast lanes. We're here to represent your interests in the conversation in washington and to bring 10G fiber to your door. Don't let the cable companies and big telco win without putting up a fight!